Broken Tooth Forge

Metalsmith, Fabricator, Welder

Drew Reynolds

Owner and founder Drew Reynolds has been throwing sparks and perfecting his craft for 20 years. He has a B.A.S. in forged architectural metals, from The American College of the Building Arts. He’s apprenticed with some of the premiere custom metalworking shops, including La Forge de Style where he worked on projects for Tiffany & Co., Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. His most recent work includes the restoration and replication of a piece for the Mellon family that was originally created by renowned jewelry designer Jean Schlumberger.

Nestled in the heart of Richmond.

In a city where there are as many hipster tattoo shops as there are 200-year-old historical buildings, we know how to combine traditional craftsmanship with artistic innovation.

Interior & Exterior

We create interior and exterior goods that you won’t find anywhere else. Our specialty is developing unique pieces with eye-catching patinas-- they aren’t just functional, they’re pieces of art.

Timeless Individual Creations

Our works are timeless individual creations that will just get better with age…just check out the exquisite details on any of our hand-crafted gifts.

My Services

Designed for Your Comfort

Have an idea for a project in mind? Not sure how to go about it or what materials would work best? Perhaps a specialized eye to review your plans would do the trick. I love to dig into design and collaborate on new ideas. With 18 years of experience from Medieval to Nouveau to sleek, contemporary minimalism. Let me help you create the perfect piece

Hand Forging

Forging is the longest held tradition in metalworking. From large scale architectural works to delicate gifts be...

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Welding & Fabrication

From repair to new construction, I am well versed in a variety of materials and techniques to suit any need...

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Restoration & Reproduction

History has played a key role from the beginning of my interest in metalwork. Researching and recreating it...

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Custom metal finishing

The world of metal finishing is truly limitless. Texture, color, luster all of these may be used to truly bring a piece to...

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